Plague Doctor’s Personal Shield


The Plague Doctor’s Personal Shield is a modern twist on a tried and true favorite.  Bergamot in an emu oil base provides an uplifting aromatic experience during this time of uncertainty. Shield yourself and your loved ones while venturing out into the world: social distance, wash your hands often, and use PDPS to kill any fresh unwanted passengers while going about your day.


A long time ago, during the dark ages of Europe in the 1400s, there was the great plague: the black plague. Much like today, the people who could would hide away in their homes to avoid infection and this led to a similar recession. There is a legend that says spice merchants coated themselves in a combination of oils that protected them from catching the illness, and we recognize that recipe as a powerful germ fighting concoction.

The Plague Doctor’s Personal Shield (PDPS) is a powerful combination of  Bergamot, Clove, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, Melissa, Lemon, and Rosemary in an emu oil carrier. Bergamot is the key essential oil, providing antiviral/antibacterial protection while providing and uplifting aromatic experience, paired with the deep, moisture of emu oil.

To help slow/stop the spread of germs it is important to wash one’s hands often. PDPS is a waterless moisturizing hand purifier, designed to be applied to hand’s touching surfaces, providing additional germ killing protection to one’s daily activities.

Antiviral/Antibacterial waterless hand purifier