Sarah H.

I love the Susitna Sleeping Lady Lotion! It has helped tremendously with my RLS (restless leg syndrom) and the insomnia it causes, and as a bonus for me it’s helped put my mind at ease while sleeping, so no more bad dreams.  I highly recommend giving it a try!

Sonya H.

Highly recommend! Their Grizzly Skin Salve is the only thing helping 3 household members’ rashes. I’m ordering all their products. ?

Becky B.

I have only been using 907Emu products for a few days. I have had bad eczema on my arms and legs most of my life. However, after only applying three times so far, I can see more normal skin under the patches of eczema and the constant itch is gone. Grizzly Skin and 24K Serum … Read more