Emu Oil Tincture – Bacon Flavored


Emu oil is an excellent source of the essential omega fatty acids 3-6-9. The body cannot create these fatty acids, so they must be introduced trough ingestion and topical absorption. These essential fatty acids are required for healthy bodily  processes, including eye, brain, and digestive function.

Adding emu oil to one’s diet can help reduce inflammation from a variety of sources, and being bacon flavored, it can just be added directly to one’s food or treats.



This product does all the same good things for people, but also for your pet. The emu oil tincture provides the same omega-3, omega-6, and omega-9 provided by daily fish-oil supplements, but with better absorption, better anti-inflammatory properties,  no fishy smell, and a beautiful new shine to fur and skin.

Directions: Add one half dropper full of tincture (per 15lbs of pet) to their food bowl every morning for a calmer pet with shiny fur. Add one half dropper full (per 15lbs of pet) to snack before bed for added pain relief.

Ingredients: Emu oil, CBD isolate, bacon flavoring, frankincense resin.